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rehab unitsThe Housing Act of 1954 and amended the 1949 provides funding, not only for new construction and demolition, but for the rehabilitation and conservation of deteriorating areas.

The gradual shift from new construction to conservation has had a major impact on today‚Äôs housing policies where rehabilitation rather than demolition is encouraged. 

This outlook has enabled Expert Window Coverings to meet or exceed HUD window covering or replacement standards in southern California.

HUD and Affordable Housing Window Coverings Specialists

Expert has long experience in providing widow coverings to meet HUD and other agency requirements cost effectively, whether you are building or operating Section 8, "HUD" or affordable housing.  We work with your installation, maintenance and replacement costs in mind. 

Product safety, wholesale Government pricing, and long-term durability are all important and valid concerns for Government procurement. Energy efficient and insulated window coverings all make smart choices. Green, organic, and recycled products are similarly important for Government and our environment.

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