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While we recommend you contact Expert Window Coverings to arrange for us to measure your windows, if you'd like to do it yourself, here are some general guidelines:

Inside Mount (IB)

  1. Measure the width inside the window opening at the top, middle and bottom. The top measurement is critical because the headrail must fit! Record the actual dimension of the shortest width to the nearest one eighth of an inch.
  2. Measure the height inside the window opening at left, right and center. Record the actual dimension of the shortest height to the nearest one eighth of an inch. Also measure the window on its diagonals. If the two diagonal dimensions are not exactly the same, it may be necessary to specify an outside mount for optimal fit, light control and privacy.
  3. The ordered width should ensure a precise fit for the headrail and allow proper operation of the shade. If widths in the window vary, order the minimum width if necessary to allow the shade to raise and lower properly.
  4. The ordered height should ensure clean operation at the base of the window as well as provide maximum privacy and light control.
  5. Be sure the window opening is deep enough to install the mounting bracket.

Outside Mount (OB)

  1. Measure the desired width and height. To minimize light leakage, the shade should overlap the window opening at least 2" on each side and at the bottom.
  2. When measuring the height, take into account the requirements for mounting the bracket attachment.

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